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Diagnosis and treatment of dental alignment and meshing problems


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Generally, it is necessary to get a check-up once a year. But theneeds of each person are different, especially when you have a tendency to form tartar more quickly or when your gums or teeth are more sensitive.

Tartar is created when dental plaque is not perfectly cleaned and becomes mineralized (=hardened). To limit the formation of tartar, it is necessary to accentuate the cleaning on the zones where this plaque is badly cleaned by the toothbrush, especially between the teeth (use of dental floss or interdental brushes) and under the gums (by vertical dental brushing movements, i.e. from the gum towards the upper part of the tooth)

A tooth with an unusual appearance or irregularity requires an immediate check-up with your dentist. If your gums are red or bleeding for several days, it is a sign of inflammation (gingivitis) that requires maintenance by your dentist. Usually, any unusual sign in a tooth or an old restoration or filling needs to be checked by a dentist. A dental problem that is taken care of in time will be easier to treat than if it has evolved over time.

The “phobia” of the dentist is related to the idea of pain that the dentist’s care can bring to us, and to the fact that the mouth and teeth are very intimate and sensitive areas. It is therefore difficult to entrust our mouths to a dentist, because we have this feeling of not having control over the sensations we will experience. It is important to know that this fear of pain at the dentist is linked to certain preconceived ideas from another era. Indeed, the dentistry of a few years ago is not the one we have today. From listening to the patient to the treatment of his or her problem, the dentist today MUST not only provide a treatment but also make the patient live an AGREABLE EXPERIENCE. It is a pledge that the dentist must take upon himself today to make his patients rediscover the pleasure of being able to be treated without anxiety or pain.

The loss of an old filling or crown can lead to bacterial infiltration of the inner part of the tooth. A new cavity can then develop. On the other hand, the cavity created by the loss of the restoration will lead to inflammation of the gums because of the food that can get stuck there. This cavity can also cause tooth sensitivity and will weaken the remaining tooth walls.

It is therefore important to consult a dentist within a few days of losing a filling or a crown, and not to eat on the affected tooth while it is being treated.

A dental treatment leads to a modification of the environment around the tooth and within the tooth itself. Thus, it can happen that a new (unusual) sensation or a postoperative inflammation is present in the days following an operation, the time it takes for the surrounding tissues to get used to the modification brought by the treatment.

A pain that decreases during the week is not a cause for concern. On the other hand, if pain increases after the first three days following the treatment, you should contact your dentist again to inform him or her.

When the gums bleed during brushing, it is a sign of inflammation of the gums (also called gingivitis). Inflammation is caused either by tartar present in the gums, or by food that has become stuck, or by dental restorations (fillings, crowns, composite) that are no longer watertight and that cause inflammation at the joint between the tooth and the gums.

Accentuated cleaning of these areas, flossing and the use of a mouthwash are the first reflexes to have. If the problem persists, it is recommended to contact your dentist.

We have an upper jaw and a lower jaw that articulate at two temporomandibular joints (under the ears). Masticatory muscles connect the two jaws and allow us the opening, closing and lateral movements necessary for chewing and phonation. Joint noises or pain during the various jaw movements are often due to excessive contraction of the masticatory muscles (present in the cheeks, but also connected to the muscles in the temples and cervicals). This contraction is due to an excessive clenching of the teeth or to a problem of dental meshing. The tightness may be due to chronic stress or to a recent stressful event.

Your dentist will help you find the cause and will suggest solutions based on this diagnosis.

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Dentist in Neuilly sur Seine

Dental Clinic in Neuilly Sur Seine

The dental office in Neuilly sur Seine is a structure where several dentists work to receive you for all types of dental care, depending on your needs. Each dentist has their own specialtywhich allows us to meet most dental care needs. Dr. Wahnich founded this practice many years ago. The latter is now associated with excellent collaborators. We are a Smile Clinic, an Implant Clinic, and an Orthodontic Clinic, and we follow up with all our patients for all their dental care needs. This structure allows you to have only one structure of reference for your dental care. Having a dentist nearby, or rather a dental office nearby that can meet all your needs with a complete and competent team will make it easier for you to carry out your care. So that our structure is always accessible to you we also have an on-call dentist who will always be present as well during school vacations: a dentist available in August and a dentist available on public holidays. Thus, we receive many patients for the management of their dental emergencies in August or during certain holidays. It can be difficult to be received by your usual practice during these periods for a dental emergency in Paris or a dental emergency in the 92 department. We a dental office often on call for your emergencies, such as a swollen wisdom tooth problem. Because our dental office is innovative and modern, we make it easy to make an appointment with a dentist online: online dentist appointment, available on doctolib dentist. Our dental office is accessible by public transport by metro line 1 and by several bus lines. Thus we are also accessible for all the patients of Paris, of the defense and the 92 department. Finding a dentist in La Défense or finding a dentist in the 92 department can sometimes be a complicated task. Thus, your dentist in Neuilly sur Seine is available for all your dental care and emergencies. Our development and our communication on the internet are continuous: Our dentists are recommended on the internet, and the google reviews of dentists are very praising for our team. Thus, we want each of our patients to be satisfied with the service they received at our facility. A good dentist is a dentist who teaches, a dentist who takes time, a dentist for children as well as a dentist for anxious people. He must be able to adapt to his patient, and know how to be a reassuring dentist. It is not simply the fact of being a dentist who does not hurt that counts for us, but a dentist must know how to listen, understand and accompany his patient according to his personality and his request. We have in our team one of the most talented cosmetic dentist in Paris, and cosmetic dentist in Neuilly sur Seine. Dr. Ruben Wahnich, a specialist in dental veneers, will give you his opinion on dental veneers. We are extremely well located in terms of dental veneer prices in Paris, thanks to long-standing partnerships with dental technicians who are among the best workers in France. We offer a very high quality of dental veneers and dentures. People often wonder how long dental veneers last. According to most studies, they last between 10 and 20 years. The same is true for the life span of a dental crown. A common question is also the reimbursement of dental veneers. The reimbursement of dental veneers will depend exclusively on your mutual insurance company because it is dental esthetic care. The dental veneer costs between 800 and 1000 euros depending on the ceramic of the veneer. Dental veneers are an excellent solution to smile aesthetics. Associated with periodontal work, the dental veneer is also a solution to the gingival smile or other unsightly smiles. You will be able to find on our website many cases that we have treated of dental veneer before after, and also cases of dental crowns before after. In this same field of smile improvement, we offer the latest technologies and products for teeth whitening in Paris. Whitening should not be done alone or in an uncontrolled manner. Your dentist must examine your need for teeth whitening, and give you advice on teeth whitening. Not everyone is a candidate, and not all products on the market meet the same health standards. The average price of teeth whitening in Paris will depend on the method used: there are low-cost teeth whitening methods and other more complete and more expensive teeth whitening methods. An excellent treatment is dental bleaching with a mouthpiece made by the dentist. Our Implantology clinic in Neuilly sur Seine is also at the forefront of technology and in constant training to make you benefit from all the innovations of dental implants. Dr. Ruben Wahnich and Gabriel Wahnich are specialists in implantology and hold numerous diplomas. Losing a tooth can be very problematic for the jaw’s balance. Thus, getting an implant and then an implant-supported tooth (implant-supported crown) is nowadays the best solution for replacing a tooth. There are other solutions to replace a tooth without an implant, such as a dental bridge or a resin or stellite dental prosthesis. There is also a denture without clasps. A full jaw implant is also an option: several implants are placed and a full implant-supported bridge is created. The average price of a dental implant in Paris depends on the brand of the implant: a recognized brand of dental implants allow you to be assured of the quality of a dental implant, the sterility of the dental implant, and its availability in accessory parts of this implant everywhere in the world. Dental implants have a price tag that can sometimes be a hindrance. Therefore, payment facilitation with your dentist can be offered for the execution of these treatments. Getting an implant in Paris is thus more accessible to everyone. As our profession continues to evolve to make dental care available to all, a new dental crown agreement has been put in place to provide better reimbursement for dental crowns and dentures. Thus, depending on your needs, we offer several types of dental crowns that meet this new convention: zirconium crowns, ceramic-metal crowns, metal-free crowns, etc. If you are covered by the CMU, dental crowns and dental prostheses are also covered by the CMU (this applies to certain categories of crowns). Occlusodontics is a specialty strongly developed in our practice by Dr. Ruben Wahnich Occlusodontist also. Indeed, bruxism affects many French people, who consequently suffer daily from neck and back pain. A perfectly balanced bruxism splint according to the patient’s needs can be an option. A physiotherapist specialized in the jaw practicing temporomandibular joint physiotherapy, or bruxism osteopathy can also help relieve symptoms. But the cause of muscle pain related to dental occlusion must be treated by the dentist.